May 22nd, 2013

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I’m an in the moment type of person. I like being in the moment when creating and when I’m done with that moment … well, I move onto the next moment. Most days, as you will undoubtedly see from this blog endeavor, is that I sometimes jump to a next moment so quickly that I don’t even finish my own sentence. The concept and idea of creating a website was something that I admittedly shied away from (actually totally avoided) for the past 8 years of my professional design existence. My rationale was that the “moment” had passed and I was super eager to set my sites on that next graphic adventure and dive on in – CANNON BALL SPLASH quality. I’m not a massive collector either, not in my personal life or my design life. The things with meaning or certain emotional attachments have a small space on my shelf of life. A website was a massive collection, yeah, just too much “stuff” for me to have in one place. Fast forward to NOW: As the the community shifts to an intense digital base I know that a portfolio site is wayyyyyy overdue. And I had a happy perspective shift. I was actually missing out on moments! The connections that happen when people see your work (past, present and projects that were even just a notion) and invite you into their projects or visual conversations. This site is about an opportunity to keep living in the present. To fill it with those fleeting thoughts, those graphic play projects, and selective projects that I feel are part of my small collection of memorable creativity.

The moment is now! And it’s about darn time.

My site has launched and I would love for you to visit :)

Smilin’ …


1 alexiscampanis_hp

2 alexiscampanis_hello-splash

3 alexiscampanis_splash

4 alexiscampanis_sanita-project

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